“Blessings in Eternity” Music CD

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Contemporary world music with a minimalist meditational ambience.
Meditation SPIRITUAL: Sung Mantras with Singing Bowls & Sounds of Nature.
People who are interested in Enya & Deva Premal should consider this CD.

Cost of CD R150.00

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Singing Bowls & Production: Lindi te Water
Vocals: Elizabeth Mudge
Sound Engineering: David Maclean & Malcolm Aberdein
Mastering: Lindi te Water & Tim Lengfeld
Cover Design & Copy: Lindi te Water


Click these edited samples below to get an idea of the Sound of this CD.
1.) EMERGENCE (mp3 / 3.46MB / 3.46 mins)
2.) TARA’S MANTRA (mp3 / 3.42MB / 3.44 mins)
3.) THE PEACE OF SINGING BOWLS (mp3 / 2.64MB / 2.52 mins)
4.) OFFERINGS (mp3 / 1.82MB / 1.34 mins)

Description of Blessings CD

May these bowls swell the beauty of Silence
With crystal voices singing you ‘home’
May this echo the radiance of your being
Where mantras gather before they are heard
May you receive Blessings in Eternity.

Archetypal Pilgrimage of Sound

This CD is unusual as it stunningly combines the warmth of the human voice singing Tibetan mantras, and the galactic numinous ringing quality of the Tibetan singing bowls. It takes you on an archetypal pilgrimage of sound. Blessings in Eternity is great for a Sound Meditation, insomnia, or those experiencing inner discord. Both innocence and purity are the gifts of these pristine singing bowls, harmonizing with their crystal clear voice. There are exquisite moments when sound and silence, fullness and emptiness “touch”- the mantra that seeds the whole.

This pilgrimage in Sound begins with the idea of forces swirling in the primordial pool. Silence & numinous ringing of singing bowls merge with thunder & lightening (vajra) energies igniting the birth of a first born whose heartbeat throbs into 3 primary sounds. The AUM blooms into the OM MANI PEME HUNG mantra. Offerings are made & mantric realms ‘sing’ into the quiet of singing bowls slowing the pulse even more.

The elements spin with the bowls provoking a tonal rainbow of sounds quietening our inner discord.
The original birth cry finally transforms into pure joy of giggling children. The all-seeing Owl hoots its message in the night, while the Eagle’s call is a compassionate reminder beckoning us to liberation.

‘Blessings in Eternity’ draws wisps of sound out of silence & endeavors to rouse us to listen with the ears of our heart to the joy of our original nature.

As said by our Tibetan Buddhist teacher:
‘The most beautiful Sound is found in Silence.’
Both innocence & purity are the gifts of these pristine singing bowls harmonizing with a crystal clear voice. There are exquisite moments when sound & silence, fullness & emptiness ‘touch’ – the mantra that seeds the whole.


Author: Jaques Coetzee, musician

How lovely your Cd is,a lovely combination of sounds.Nothing seems to get in the way of anything else. Listening to it, was a wonderful island in our day that created a special space.

Author: Odyssey Magazine

This continuous sound experience is specifically for vibrational healing through the refined art of sound therapy.The haunting ring of singing bowls is amazing, as is the the singing.This CD is perfect for an epic meditational journey. It takes the listener on a pilgrimage from the primal start of life to the joy of living in blessed awareness.It’s powerful, yet subtle,and ironically reminds one not so much of sounds, but the silences in between. Another great local production for the refined soul.

Author: Dr Bruce Copley

Elizabeth Mudge is an intuitive musician and sound healer who’s music has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. The listener is taken on a remarkable past, present and future journey that nourishes mind, body and spirit. I found myself transported in time and space and certainly in a heightened Alpha state that was extremely relaxing and comforting.This is a musical experience I strongly recommend to anyone who recognizes the healing potential of good vibrations. Dr Bruce Copley, Chairman of Aaha Learning, Cape Town, South Africa 13th July 2008

Author: Jeanne Hendricks

As part of a ritual I listen to music whilst painting.I listen to this CD every morning to let my creative juices flow and for me to go into a trance state where I create at my best. The most amazing thing is that I hear new sound every day and never tire of this exquisite music….it is as if it changes to what you need on a subconscious level……thank you so much for sharing your beautiful gift with the world…Jeanne Hendricks {artist }

Author: Annamarie Relly

Over the past 6 months I have been benefiting immensely from the therapeutic effects of this CD. It is an absolutely “must have” for calming the racing frazzled mind and for those moments of emotional vulnerability. The singing bowls have the extraordinary ability to create feelings of support and to bring serenity and peace to the situation at hand. The warm,nurturing loving voice of Elizabeth Mudge is experienced as a direct lullaby to the soul. Soul upon soul, hearts upon hearts. I highly recommend this CD.

Author: Dr. Jan de Avalon

At last, a truly beautiful authentic voice combined with pristine singing bowls. A brilliant selection of harmonious sounds that invite you to partake on an incredible soul journey. The gentle healing powers of this CD are most effective around emotional issues, psychological stress and insomnia. I highly recommend this exceptional CD to all therapists, healers and for meditation.

Author: Julian

An interesting CD whereby you are taken into a sort of journey, it creates a calming atmosphere when you listen to the whole album.

Author: Mia Herholdt

This album is spectacular. It takes your mind and soul on a exhilarating journey and returns you, feeling relaxed and at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

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