Tam Tam GongsTam Tam Gongs

Tradition ascribes the origin of the Gong to the country between Tibet & Burma, where it is mentioned as early as the 6thcentury.
The word 'Gong' had its origin in Java and today the Gong industry is still flourishing in this area.
The Wuhan Province in China is famous for the making of authentic Tam Tam Gongs.
The gongs that I sell are of the finest quality from the Wuhan Province.
Originally, they afforded protection against ill-omen & has been credited with strong healing powers. The Gong was considered an object of the highest value & had considerable power as a talisman of prosperity, strength & happiness.

Only certain families were privileged to be Gong makers, the process requiring great skill. The resilience of the gong smith's art has long depended on its direct transmission through the traditional apprenticeship system passed on within families from generation to generation.

Gongs of good quality are made of bronze (80% copper, 20% tin) and are involved in five main processes: pouring, hammering, smoothing, tuning & polishing.
When struck, it vibrates at its centre producing an indefinite pitch and a myriad of harmonics. Each has its own extraordinary radiating sound with a unique diffusion of tones & sound colours. The larger the Gong, the more multilayered the sound.

The Effect of Gongs

Tibetan nunsTibetan nuns
Gongs have an array of overtones and undertones which emanate from them.
When you stand in front of a gong, the sound not only obviously affects your ears, but also you can physically feel the sound as well. The gong does not have to be struck hard at all. The effects of a mild 'gonging' is quite obvious. How you interpret that physical feeling consciously is according to your individual history and experience........almost like a body memory coming up for you.

On a more subtle level sound waves move in and around the body.
The science of energetics and the effects of pure sound although subtle, is immensely powerful. It is used in so many different ways e.g. martial arts, bio-energetic therapy, in pre-birth situations, in autism, for the old aged/ Alzheimer's, in initiation ceremonies, for general relaxation and de-stressing situations, for focus and contemplation for meditation, for integration, synchronization and for transformation levels. Sound (its acoustic or vibrational frequencies) is a dynamic in our universe and is acknowledged to bring about profound shifts and healing on all levels.

The Gong is a Percussion Instrument

It falls under the musical classification of a 'struck' idiophone, like cymbals, glockenspiel & xylophone. Chinese music in its pure form, entails the study of the Five Elements: wood, water, earth, fire & the Gong falls under the metal element. Gongs serve as signal instruments, as rhythm makers & as Buddhist ritual instruments. In the West we use them in Orchestras, in Sound Therapy, in Martial Arts and Yoga training environments, in self awareness and anger therapy and businesses even use them to celebrate the attainment of certain targets. They make rare & decorative additions to personal or musical collections.

PRICES vary according to diameter.

Please note that prices vary according to the international exchange fluctuations.
Tam Tam GongTam Tam GongTam Tam Gongs.
60cms R6,990.
70cms R10,700.
80cms R14,950.
90cms R19,600.

Feng GongsFeng GongsFeng Gongs - Ordered on Request.

It is interesting to note conditions when it is unsuitable for instruments to be played:-

  • when there is an absence of an intelligent listener
  • disturbing the sound of other music
  • or that of mourning
  • when occupied with mundane affairs
  • when the body & clothes are unclean
  • without burning incense

His Holiness the 17th KarmapaHis Holiness the 17th Karmapa
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