1 Teaspoon of LIPOSOMAL VITAMIN C yields 1000mg Vitamin C
500ml bottle R340.00
Courier costs are added to transport the product quickly from place of manufacture to end user's fridge.

2 – 6 Years Old ½ teaspoon per day (double in Winter)
6 – 15 Years Old 1 teaspoon per day (double in Winter)

Adults 1 Tablespoon per day (double in Winter)
Stress/Illness/Fatigue Up to 3 Tablespoons per day

Dosages Chronic Illness/Cancer

If a patient has not had any i/v Vitamin C drips, then the following protocol is advisable:
Week 1 + 2 - Build up from 1x Tablespoon 1x daily to 1Tbs 3 x daily
Week 3 + 4 - Slowly continue to increase 1 x Tablespoon 4 x per day. (3 bottles/4 weeks)

If a patient has been having i/v Vitamin C drips, then they can begin immediately with the high dosage.

The dosage amount for Cancer patients varies depending on type, stage, age of patient.
Anything from 6 to 9 tablespoons per day - 9 tablespoons being the maximum dose a patient should take.
9 x Tablespoons per day = Between 6 & 7 Bottles per month. Most cancer patients are on 6 bottles a month.

Vitamin C is well known to reduce toxicity when a patient is going through Chemotherapy.
Note: If a patient is on a high dose of Vitamin C, reduce the dose by half while doing Chemotherapy.
One can return to the normal dose as soon as chemo is complete.

The product is made fresh on order and has 4 days in Winter, 3 days in Summer before having to be refrigerated. So we receive the order, make the Liposomal Vitamin C and courier it off to you. On receiving the product it must be refrigerated where it will last for 7 weeks.

Doctor's suggestions:

"Start low, go slow". Absolutely no harm can be done if adopting this approach, and it allows for perfect individualization of dosing.

If a person has concerns about concomitant use with other prescribed medication, it is advised to use separate to this medication and rather add liposomal to food or smoothie or juice.

Starting at a low dose of Liposomal VitC at meals or before, away from any medication, in the morning, and observed over a month is a safe way to go forward. 

It has been documented that in exceptionally rare cases LVC could possibly be a catalyst for kidney stones.
I have had patients who are more likely to develop renal stones, taking extremely high doses of Vitamin C and it's never happened, even in gout sufferers over extended periods.

Regarding Blood thinners: Monitor regularly. VitC doesn't block warfarin, it may enhance Aspirin effect. Speak to your doctor to consider stopping aspirin, and offer Green Tea, VitC, Arnica, Omega 3 in its place...more benefit, less side effects.

I have a patient on ARVs for HIV who couldn't get their CD4 count up despite no virus detectable in their blood test, addition of liposomal Vit C, amongst other things, and CD4 is now over 750 (normal).

Antioxidants are not good in those that smoke, while at the same time each cigarette smoked can cause loss of 25mg of body Vitamin C levels (there is some research that shows potential lung problems in smokers)....its all too conflicting.

  • Countless Doctors encourage the use of Liposomal Vitamin C.

Please check with your Doctor regarding your specific health history.