Himalayan Singing Bowls

Tibetan / Himalayan Singing Bowls

The sounds of these bowls touch a ‘still place’ within.
Sometimes this becalming sound flows with such exquisite softness, it can bring one to tears.

Playing Singing Bowls in the Sanctum of St Georges Cathedral known as Desmond Tutu's church - the oldest cathedral in Southern Africa & the Mother Inter-Faith Church of Cape Town.

Celebration of World Peace Day at Inter-Faith Ministries Red Harbour Church, Cape Town Sept 2010

Tibetan Singing Bowl Prices

Prices vary according to weight, height, diameter, wall thickness & quality of sound.
Each bowl is individually priced and has its own unique sound.
On average they range between R1500.00 & R3500.00

This is an information website.
Purchases are made by contacting me directly. You are welcome to phone or WhatsApp me to make an appointment to see the Singing Bowls at my showroom at my home in Simonstown, Cape Town.
Contact 021 - 7869325 / 0835095505
OR…..If you live upcountry, phone me and you can make your selection from the quality of the sound of the bowl that you hear over the phone. In this case your eyes do not detract from what you hear and your listening attention is not compromised.

The joy of singing bowls

Click here to hear 3 Singing Bowls (mp3 / 1.1MB / 36secs)

How to Make your Singing Bowl ‘Sing’

Hold your bowl on a flat hand...................................Grasping it dampens the sound.

• Place the bowl in the palm of your flattened hand. Gong it softly with the wooden mallet and with your eyes closed, absorb the sound. Listen not only with your ears, but also get in touch with how it makes you feel. The sound and harmonics is always a unique experience for each person.

• Then, strike the bowl lightly again and with pressure rub the mallet firmly around the top outer edge. It starts to sing quietly and increases in volume with successive rotations. Do not force the sound louder than it wishes to vibrate, otherwise it will rattle unpleasantly. Persevere and you will get the knack of it.

• Sound becomes visible when you rub your bowl, which has been filled with a little water. It hums and sometimes the vibrations even cause a fountain of tiny, sparkling droplets. These sounds patterns the water much like a mandala.

Incorrect angle of the mallet...................................Correct angle of the mallet.

Antique Singing Bowls are no longer available. The Singing Bowls of today are manufactured by hand or they are machine-made or both. All the bowls that I supply are hand-beaten bowls.

I do not supply the machine made singing bowls that have shiny, highly polished appearances.

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