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Percussion Instruments for Sound Therapy

Having introduced these articles into South Africa about 38 years ago, an extremely select group of people who have the inner quietness and ears to use these wonderful sounds as healing tools, has emerged. Over these years I have nurtured my overseas associations and am confident about the standard and quality of my imports.

Introducing people to the stillness and beauty of themselves and encouraging them to listen to their inner voices, has been a lifelong passion of mine in this hectic, rather deaf life of ours.

Happily there are more and more people cherishing both the silence and voices of these Healing Sounds.

Percussion Instruments are categorized as Idiophones e.g. bells, gongs, singing bowls, cymbals, xylophone, castanets, clappers, rattles, chimes and triangles.

Europe received most of its idiophones both directly or indirectly both from the ancient East and also from Egypt.

The sounds of the percussion instruments that I supply have no melody as in music. Neither are they played by a musician, nor are there any words sung giving meaning and content.

Sound on its own cancels much of the left brain functioning of judgement, of liking or disliking which happens with music and whether or not it is skilfully played.

Neither can we hum or sing sequentially from note to note. Our spontaneous experience of Sound has nothing to do with the intellect or logical, rational thinking. The random sound of the notes from these instruments tickles and amplifies the right brain functioning (the intuitive, creative, abstract) – giving the busy thinking, analytical mind relief and bringing us into touch with a quieter space where we can better listen to ourselves. Music entertains whereas the simplicity of Sound has nothing to do with entertainment, for the focus is to go within without distraction.

It’s like a timeless moment of ‘time-out’ for oneself. Literally one dissolves into no ‘I’ and when one experiences this, one also experiences ‘all time’ and ‘all space’ OR ‘no time’ and ‘no space’. Awareness permeates and we experience ourselves as we intrinsically are – ‘being’ without thinking, commenting, judging, motivating, trying, feeling emotions, surviving. A Simplicity that is free, silent, pure and connected with all.

The ear is connected to nearly all the cranial nerves, which in turn lead to all parts of the body. It is no wander then that listening to soothing sounds can & will help create states of balance, release, relief, relaxation & peacefulness – safe & gentle, working on the natural resonance of the individual. Silence is akin to stillness.


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