June te Water Sculpture for Sale


Size: (h)114 x (w)50cms 2002. Yellowwood and Quartz Crystal.

From the grounded triangular base lies the unconscious seed, rising unhindered into an ethereal fineness of enlightenment.


Size: (h)167 x (w)46cms

1987. Bronze and Gum wood. The infinite unimaginable expanse of the Universe with the seed of the ‘first word.’
The surrender to change and transformation in boundless infinity.


Size: (h)50 x (w)60cms

1999. Yellowwood & Plaster.

The Janus head was the ancient Roman guardian of gateways and of all thresholds. He was the God of change and transitions watching with two faces, past & future, internal & external, above & below, known & unknown and finally the passage of life to death, and death to liberation. It is also the gateway of the heart.
The head is set in surrender on an altar of initiation. Within the tension of opposites a new third is magically born. Here we see this new birth poised above the Janus head surging into freedom and abundance.


Size: (h)22 x (w)95cms

Yellowwood. 2005.

The power, cleansing and rejuvenation of the great waters of our Planet. Great natural disasters generate renewed vision, understanding and humility.


1986 Jarrah & Oregon.

Wood worn by wind and sands of time with an abstract ear-form that hears the timeless Silence. The white stone introduces this moment now within the boundless.


Size: (h) 100 x (w) 15cms Camphor wood. 2004.

One bird mirrors the other. The Yin and Yang – the polarity that is at the origin of all things. The Soul striving for transcendence. They are Messengers of the Otherworlds and mediators between Heaven and Earth. I found enormous excitement in the making of this carving where the spaces between became as important as the form for it is space that gives tension and meaning to the silence of flight.


Size: (h) 55 x (w) 68cms

1991. Bronze.

‘Secret’ – that small pinpoint of recall, something that is kept deep within and separate from the outside world and sometimes even from oneself.


2011. Yellowwood.

The miracle of birth to the fining down to the end of Life.


1996 Kiaat

It’s mass feels intensely satisfying in its pregnant fullness, where all things are born out of the receptive creative feminine principle, while at the same time the form also suggests the male phallus. Within this androgyny, offered from the embedded stillness of the inner body, a pristine seminal river merges male and female.


: 1995. Yellowwood.

An oracle is a form of prophecy revealing psychic content. ‘Before Completion’ is carved into the front of the sculpture. It comes from the ancient Chinese “Book of Changes”, a book of prophesy called the I Ching. On the back of the carving is the Chinese symbol of ‘the gateway’ – the gateway into the mind.

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